About us

Family business

The mother, the daughter and the third generation.

Joy Maeki is a fruit of a long collaboration of a daughter and a mother. The third generation of the family business can be found in our wonderful marketing team. Joy Maeki is part of Nicestyle Ltd company. 

  • Nicestyle cityspa
  • Kauneuden Karkkikauppa
  • Joy Maeki - Scandinavian Skin Care

The Brand

Joy Maeki - for Scandinavian skin care

The idea of JOY MAEKI was born in 2022. There was a need for a product line that meets the needs of a modern city spa and takes into account the changing conditions of the Scandinavian climate. Our long experience in beauty industry helped us to understand these needs and demand more, both technically and visually. And so, this modern salon brand, Joy Maeki, was born.


For professionals

The Joy Maeki product family are made for professionals who can resell some of the products to their costumers.

How to become a reseller?
Beauty professionals, who have a VAT number, can register as Joy Maeki wholesale customers. Beauty industry students with student number can also register.